Nung ‘wu Poa (Paiute Trail)


Trails Utah has created a new multi-use trail in partnership with Town of Springdale, the
Paiute Tribe and Trail Alliance of Southern Utah. The project was completed in late
summer 2023.

Phase II of Nung’wu Poa, as it is called, translated as “the Paiute Trail” has created a new, approximately 2-mile long shared-use trail that leaves from Springdale’s George A. Barker River Park and climbs up onto a hill or low mesa just west of Zion Canyon and Zion National Park. The trail climbs approximately 300 feet onto the mesa, providing stellar views to the ramparts of Zion Canyon and traversing the edge of the mesa before dropping down and joining the Springdale River Trail that loops back east along the Virgin River to the park.

Access to the park and trail, as well as parking, is free and open to the public.The park makes an excellent trailhead as there is plenty of parking and restrooms available.

The entirety of this new trail build resides on Paiute tribal lands. The Paiute Tribe has expressed an interest in having more of a presence in the Zion corridor and their willingness to host this trail will certainly further those ends. Trails Utah and the Town of Springdale are both deeply appreciative of the tribe taking an interest in the project and allowing this trail to traverse their land.