The Founding 50 Project

The Founding 50 Project is our first, and most important, major donations campaign. We are now actively seeking $50,000 in grants and donations from fifty entities, individuals, corporations, or foundations, that can help launch TRAILS UTAH and let us get to work assisting land managers, governmental institutions, user groups, and others in revitalizing, constructing, and managing Utah’s recreational trails. We are in search of those who share our vision for healthy, more vibrant Utah communities that have secure access to sustainably managed open space and all the recreational opportunities that come with trails.

With a contribution to the Founding 50 Project you, your family, foundation, or corporation will become an integral part of the TRAILS UTAH mission and identity. Naming opportunities for trails, trailheads and features is just one of the options for permanent and meaningful recognition of your support.

Together we can create The Greatest Trails on Earth!

Please contact us at  for more information.