treasure hunting in utah
- $25,000 on a utah trail

Treasure hunting on our Utah trails has become extremely popular over the past couple years. This year is no different, with $25,000 hidden somewhere in the northern Utah mountains.

Where? We have no idea. But it definitely adds a fun dynamic to your normal adventuring routine.

A huge shoutout to David Cline and John Maxim for putting together the Utah Treasure Hunts and getting more people exploring our incredible Utah trails!

*If you’re looking for the most recent clues, here are the treasure hunt updates as of 7/11/24

Treasure Hunt in Utah 2024 Poem

How the Utah Treasure hunt works

  1. A poem is sent out by the organizers, Dave & John. These poems are tough. So tough that the $25,000 worth of treasure was hidden for months in 2023.
  2. You will want to follow Dave & John on social media as they will post the occasional clue on their IG stories
  3. Every Friday they email a weekly clue. This clue typically answers the question they are hearing frequently over the air waves.
    1. The first clue for this hunt was the boundary map, a spelling correction, and a reference to the line that is non-capitalized.
Utah Treasure hunt on Utah Trails 2023

*Pictured: Scott Fletcher, our Marketing Director, hunting for treasure and cleaning trash in 2023

2024 Utah Treasure Hunt poem

Here’s the original poem along with its Google translation (though if your a native spanish speaker you may see something in this poem that us non-spanish speakers don’t)

Original version

Si sufres dolor que se cura con oro
Busca el atajo donde canta el coro
Encuentra el lugar por el cual se nombra
Dale la vuelta y sigue la sombra
¿dónde aprendes a oler el helado?
¿O comimos langostas en el pasado?
Cuando vuelves a mirar el amanecer
Sigue derecho, lo puede hacer
Mira los números como si fueras un cuervo
La edad cuando el llegó es lo que observo
A hora estás cerca, una última pista
Muévete al lugar con la mejor vista

Treasure Hunt in Utah 2024 Poem

Google translation

If you suffer pain that heals with gold
Look for the shortcut where the choir sings
Find the place by which it is named
Turn it around and follow the shadow.
Where do you learn to smell ice cream?
Or did we eat lobsters in the past?
When you look at the sunrise again
He goes straight, he can do it.
Look at the numbers as if you were a crow.
The age when he arrived is what I observe.
At the time you’re close, one last clue
Move to the place with the best view

treasure hunt utah resources

If you want to get REALLY into the hunt, here are some fun resources out there to suck you into the treasure hunting abyss.

On the more fun side, Cache Me Outside is a hilarious podcast that does weekly episodes on the hunt.

If you want something more interactive, and are ok with some (sometimes more than some) drama, Reddit has a great thread. Here’s the Reddit sub: r/utahtreasurehunt

Here’s are a couple attempted solve examples from redditors charcoaltaco and rickyholguin75:

  • “Gold is used to help cure Rheumatoid Arthritis. The only “coro” or Choir in the land of Utah that is widely know, is the Tabernacle Choir. The closest Rheumatologist is down the street from Temple square, and you take John Stockton drive to get there. John Stockton was drafted in 1984 by the Utah Jazz when he was 22 years old. Looking for trails in the area of the map, the furthest north one is 22nd Street, Ogden trailhead. There is an awesome view up there called Hidden Valley trail overlook.” – charcoaltaco
  • I’ve seen almost the entire post in talk about the English translation. I started over and only analyzed the riddle in Spanish. Here is what I understand at the moment. reading the ¿dónde aprendes a oler el helado? and looking into signo de interrogación de apertura. I believe the correct way to read this is as one sentence. Dale la vuelta y sigue la sombra ¿dónde aprendes a oler el helado? With the recent clue I believe the intentional translation is. Turn around and follow the shadow WHERE you learn to smell the ice cream. From what I understand dónde is the incorrect way to use. It should of been “donde” which is why I think the “where” is interrogative. Anyone care to correct my Spanish?” – rickyholguin75

As you can see, this poem will send your brain all over the place. So good luck out there and stay safe (both mentally and physically ha

…speaking of safety, Dave & John put together a few things to remember that you’ll want to check out before beginning your hunt. Here’s that list.

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*Trails Utah has no affiliation with the Utah Treasure Hunt, we just really appreciate everything they are doing to get people out on trails!