Join Trails Utah and help us plan for and build the Greatest Trails on Earth right here in your backyard! We need to count you among the ranks of those seeking better funding for trail projects and access to Utah’s open spaces as we work with elected officials and funding entities to bring more resources to trails in our state.

Trails Utah is an advocacy and facilitation organization with the professional experience and capacity to bring stakeholders together, plan, design, and execute the creation of trails for all types of trail users. We build trails using the very latest sustainable design features and are dedicated to working with trail user groups and land managers to protect the environments we play in and provide the best trail experience possible.

We know you love trails, so become a Trailhead, a Scout, or a Pathfinder, pick up some of our great logoed gear, and stand (hike, run, walk, bike) with us! We provide a whole host of planning and management services at very low or no cost so we can take care of trails, plan for new trails, and doing outreach. There’s a lot of work to do and we need your support!

Thank you,

Sarah L. Bennett

Executive Director