Emigration Canyon Trail Project

Emigration Canyon Trail Project

Emigration Canyon has likely served as a conduit for human movement over and through the Wasatch Mountains for millennia.

Native Americans, the Pony Express, and the Mormon pioneers all made their way through this canyon before it was settled. Now hikers, runners, and mountain bikers are seeking to traverse its length via a trail system that will eventually connect the Salt Lake Valley with the Wasatch Back. A detailed master plan, developed with the help of Emigration Canyon residents and both federal and municipal land managers was crafted over a period of three years and finally adopted by the Salt Lake County Council in 2007. TRAILS UTAH is committed to working with land managers, residents, and user groups to bring the Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan to life for the benefit of canyon dwellers and valley trail enthusiasts alike. A trail system through Emigration connecting the Wasatch Front and Back will create a world class trail experience right here in our own backyards!


There are many challenges to the realization of an Emigration Canyon Trails System but the process of establishing working relationships, coordinating partnerships, and finding the funding to make this dream come true are underway. Stay tuned for updates and action alerts on this project and GIVE to this project.

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September 14, 2021


  1. Edd

    I read on trailfork that someone helped trim back Little Mtn Ridge Trail, guess that’s a start.

    I’m starting to think that the only way anything will or has happened on this project is all the social trails. Someone should just start connecting them under the cover of darkness.
    Suppose it would be nice to not awkwardly bike/walk through someone’s back yard or have to push a bike up unrideable fall line rogue trails to get to some fun goat path.

    I don’t believe brown carpet trails are conducive to Emigration demographics. We already have PC or Corner Canyon for that segment. Just make a good sustainable old-school network. If you make it rugged enough, then less users will ride/hike/run so it would be more appropriate for what the canyon can handle, more true to the history / personality of what exists.

  2. Kent Erickson

    Just wanted to say thanks for the improvements on the Mormon Trail. I live in Emigration Canyon and in the past it has been a ride more of convenience than choice. It is now one of my favorite rides in the area. The people who have done the construction work clearly know what they are doing and have created a great ride. Thanks to all concerned.


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