Pine Valley Trails

Phase I of the Pine Valley Ranger District Trail Networks includes a system of trails that will be built at approximately 5,000 feet of elevation. While these trails are being constructed primarily for mountain bike use, they are open to all other types non-motorized of use. Trail runners are looking forward to using trails in this area and are interested in staging competitive events here. The Utah High School Mountain Biking League, sanctioned by NICA, are certain to incorporate this trail system into their practice and seasonal race schedule.

The longest of the five trails in the lower Spring Hollow area is called Circle K, which makes a long 9-mile sweeping loop through the undulating foothills on the southeastern flank of the Pine Valley Mountains. This trail will be a bidirectional cross-country style trail with a small segment of one-way descending trail. Bisecting this large loop trail are two bidirectional trails called Short Stack and Full Stack. Both these trails are approximately 2.2 miles long. The fourth trail forms a lower connector on the north side of the loop trail in an area known as Rick’s Ridge. The Rick’s Ridge Trail starts from the NE trailhead and accesses the Circle K Loop. The last trail in Phase I is a practice loop that can be used by mountain bike racers and recreational riders alike to warm up on before their ride. The Practice Loop is bi-directional and approximately a quarter of a mile long.
Other features of this trail system include a start and finish area for mountain bike races, a “pit zone,” or an area where the teams can set up their tents where kids can get maintenance on their bikes or pick up energy snacks or grab needed gear. Immediately adjacent to the start and finish areas is a Special Use Area where families can car camp and pitch a tent so they don’t have to drive out back and forth to the venue. CXT style bathrooms will also be installed before camping is permitted.