Hardlick Trails

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In 2018, Trails Utah teamed up with Herriman City and the Herriman Hills Trails Alliance to help plan and fund a network of trails that include two downhill specific trails an uphill climbing trail. This pocket of downhill trails is part of a much larger Herriman Trail System in the works that will be an outstanding community amenity for Herriman and a five-star recreational resource for trail users from both the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys. The Hardlick Downhill Trail network consists of approximately 3-miles of trails in the Hardlick Basin, a place where sheep once gathered to drink from a spring, but when the spring went dry apparently licked the rocks. The trails in the area are designed for gravity-loving mountain bikers who get their thrills both in the air and on the ground. Banked turns, table top jumps, drops and other features constructed from natural materials will test and help build riding skills for bikers of all fitness and ability levels.

Hero Image and Video Credit: Sky Maestros on Vimeo