Trails Utah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to trails advocacy, planning, funding and building in needed areas throughout Utah.

Trails, and the open spaces they connect us to, are important for promoting our overall well-being and creating a sense of community. At Trails Utah, we are committed to connecting people to our state’s spectacular landscapes through enjoyable, sustainably built trails. We believe that trails enhance the quality of our lives and our communities and work to help better manage and protect our natural resources.

Now more than ever we need trails that get us outdoors where we can breathe, exercise, and unwind from our work and our worries. Trails are the key to connecting us to the natural world, a place where we can immerse ourselves in a harmonized mosaic of life and landscape where our day-to-day anxieties become more manageable.

What Does Trails Utah Do?

Advocate for Trails

Provide Guidance




In addition to being Utah’s only statewide trails advocacy organization, we are also the lead promoters of our incredible variety of trails. We can help with branding, public relations, media outreach, familiarization tours, and other methodologies for getting the word out about your trails and community.


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