AlpenBock Loop Trail

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The Alpenbock Loop is a hiking trail as well as climbing access to many climbing areas in the area. Trails Utah was involved in the construction of its west and east loops.

Alpenbock Loop was named in honor of the Alpenbock Club, a climbing club active in the late 50s to the mid 60s. The club’s members were the first ascensionists of many of the classic climbing routes in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Although people had tried to climb te granite as early as 1930, the first documented climbing route in the LCC was done by Alpenbock members Ted Wilson and Bob Stout. This started an era of technical climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The Grit Mill Connector Trail was named after a mid-20th Century poultry grip production facility that was removed in 2014 as part of the remediation of the site. The granite grit produced at this mill was supplied to turkey farms in the area where it was fed to the birds to help with digestion.

The hiking and climbing trail network was built and is maintained through a private – public partnership comprised of Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, Trails Utah, US Forest Service, Mountain Accord, Singletrack Trails, Jeep Conservation Team, REI, US Dept of Agriculture, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Department of Natural Resources, Wasatch Legacy Project, US Dept of Transportation, and Cottonwood Canyons Foundation.