Living Room Trail
Living Room Trail summit

George's Hollow (aka. Lower Living Room trail) renovation project

The George’s Hollow Trails Renovation Project, which includes the popular Living Room Trail, will complete maintenance on 2.5 miles of existing constructed trails in the Salt Lake City foothills above the Museum of Natural History.

Many of these trails were constructed for sandstone quarrying over one hundred years ago and although heavily used by the public, they have not been maintained resulting in a spiderweb of erosive user-created trails.

Renovation of these trails will improve the user experience and protect the resource.

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living room trail and george's hollow | the difference?

Two of these trails are identified as USFS “System Trails.” These are the George’s Hollow Trail and the Skyline Trail. If these trails were well maintained and purposefully signed, trail users would likely use those good trails, instead of wandering off onto unsanctioned trails. Over time, these unwanted user-created trails will then fall into disuse, preventing further hillside scarring and erosion. These two trails are hiking and running trails only and not suitable for mountain bike use. This is due to the rugged, rocky nature of the trails and steep grades. This area has also been identified as hiking-only in the Foothills Master Plan. This falls in line with desired management goals for the University.

This project will be conducted using trained and experienced hand crews to conduct heavy maintenance on these trails. The project also includes the development and installation of wayfinding signage. All trail work would be on the existing trail alignments and not involve trail reroutes. These trails are well above the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and below the main George’s Hollow Trail (aka Living Room Trail). These two trail alignments cross both University of Utah and US Forest Service property. We have worked with our University and USFS partners to develop the scope of this project. The Utah State of Historic Preservation Office has also reviewed and is in support of this project. They have expressed interest in erecting signage illuminating the mining and quarrying history of the area. Additionally, Salt Lake City Trails and Public Lands staff was consulted in planning for this effort and while they are not conducting work on this project, it fits within their goals for trail improvements in the Foothills Natural Area. Salt Lake City and the Historic Preservation Office will help with the wayfinding and interpretive signage part of the project as partners.

The existing trails are deeply incised, narrowed, and/or blocked by rocky outcrops. The specific trail tread work will involve widening the trails to approximately three feet, breaking rock outcrops, and creating consistent outslope and grade reversals to ensure water drainage and minimize future maintenance requirements. Wayfinding signage will direct trail users to these purpose-built and maintained trails and will discourage the use of the erosive user-created trails. Interpretive signage will educate users about the history of the sandstone quarrying as well as the flora and fauna of the area.


Trails Utah reached out to Salt Lake City to propose renovating this very popular trail.

We acquired permissions from Salt Lake City (for Phase I of the Lower Living Room Trail) and US Forest Service (for Phase II of the Upper Living Room Trail and George’s Hollow and Skyline trails) and set out to raise the necessary funds to carry out this work.

Living Room picnic

getting to the trail

There is plenty of street parking along Colorow Road. The Natural History Museum and Red Butte Gardens are just northwest from the parking area. The trail is narrow, following an old wash for a section. It’s a good idea to download your map ahead of time because there are many trail intersections and off-shoots along this route. There is minimal to no shade on this route, so it is a good idea to come prepared with plenty of water during the warmer months.

Living Room Trail summit

Living Room Trail details

  • Region: Wasatch Front
  • Destination: Salt Lake Valley views
  • Distance: 2.3 miles (one-way)
  • Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Elevation Gain: 977
  • Dogs Allowed: Yes
  • Restrooms: No
  • Biking/horses: No
  • Wheelchair/e-bike accessible: No
  • Difficulty: 3/5

While grants cover some costs, donations and membership dollars are crucial for ongoing planning and environmental reviews. Consider supporting Trails Utah through donations or becoming a sustaining member.

Lower George's Hollow Trail System