Rattlesnake Trail

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Trails Utah worked with our partners to improve, redesign, and eventually reroute this trail, one of the busier ones at the wild-urban interface of Salt Lake City. The Rattlesnake Gulch Trail, near the mouth of Millcreek Canyon, was heavily used by a mix of trail users that include mountain bikers, hikers and dog walkers. Most notably, it serves as an exit point for the popular Pipeline Trail for mountain bikers, many of whom are descending off the iconic Wasatch Crest Trail.

After a long, down-canyon contour along the Pipeline Trail, mountain bikers drop down the very steep, loose, rocky Rattlesnake Gulch Trail at high rates of speed. For those loving a technical high speed descent it can be fun, but because it is one of the first trails that can be accessed heading up the canyon from nearby Wasatch Boulevard it is a go-to for local hikers and dog walkers looking to get out for a quick excursion. The combination of descending mountain bikers and uphill hikers and dog walkers is a dangerous mix that needed a solution.

With funds secured through grants in 2018 & 2019, Trails Utah worked with pro trail designers, builders, and the Salt Lake Ranger District to identify a new trail alignment in Rattlesnake Gulch that could stop the degradation and erosion of the gully and create a safer, more enjoyable trail experience for a variety of users. This project is now complete and the new trail is open for everyone’s enjoyment!